Frequently Asked Questions


You are responsible for any VAT charges with your package.


When do you restock?

I typically restock every 1-4 weeks at a time. Usually, plushies restock on a Saturday at 3 pm Central. 

When do orders ship?

If it's not a pre order, expect it to ship within the next 1-2 weeks of your order. However, shipping times are increased due to covid, and it can take up to three weeks for your package to arrive. I will try my best to accommodate in these times.

Who makes the plushies?

I do! I‘m a black 18-year old (and a one woman band), and I work up to 6 hours on each plush to create as many beautiful plushies as possible. 

How can I request a custom order? 

Don't hesitate! Email me at, and I'll give you more info from there.

What are these plushies made of?

They are each made with hypoallergenic, chenille yarn. It's soft to the touch! Because they are handmade, it is in its nature for each plush to look slightly different in color and size due to light exposure, etc.

How can I clean my plush?

You can hand wash gently in cold water, and air dry. Do not put it in the machine to wash, as it may fray.